A day at my fathers house.

Hello everyone. I talk a lot about the things that i did as a child. Well now I'm going to share with you, a story about something that happened to me when I sixteen. So its just a bit more recent. I'm 19.


        Let me begin by saying that my parents split up when i was six. So my entire life I've went back and forth between my mom and dads house. When I was about twelve, my dad remarried. And about four years later they divorced. After that my dad began to not care abt anything, at all. He drank every night. He slept with a different woman every night. And it was the fucking shit....he let me do so much shit that summer. I drank with him, he let me have sex every night, he started to let me cuss. He didnt care what I wore. It was an adventerous summer for the both of us.

        One Saturday, we were sitting on the couch watching Tosh.O...when he recieved a text message. It was from a woman who lived a block away. She wanted some dick, and my dad was more than willing to give it to her. So he looks over at me and tells me what he is about to do. I'm cool with it. So then he leaves. Now let me describe this woman. She weighs at least 400 pounds, minimum. She wears glasses, and has red hair and freckles all over her face. She was not a very attractive woman. But my dad didnt care. Pussy was pussy at this point in his life.

        So now I'm sitting on the couch still watching Tosh.O, when about 45 minutes later my dad comes running in the house, butt ass naked with his clothes in his hands. He came in and sat down as if every thing was cool...I opened my mouth to say something and before I could even start to speak he tells me to shut up, everything is cool. So I dropped it...knowing he would later tell me.

        After about 30 minutes of awkward silence he begins to put his clothes on. His nerves have calmed down. And he begins to tell me what happened.......He was over at this ladies house, fucking her, when she says, " give it to me hard, as hard as you can. " So as all men do when a woman says that, he began to give it everything he had. The last 15 minutes of it was my dad pounding this woman like a pissed off troll. 10 minutes into this fierce pounding, he slipped, but didnt think anything of it. He just went back in and kept going. 5 minutes later, he realized that something wasnt right...it was to, open, if you will. And the sheets were wet. So he looked down, and saw a puddle of blood. when he slipped 5 minutes earlier, he hit the bottom opening of her vagina and ripped her all the way down to her ass...she was taintless...After seeing this he jumped up, grabbed his clothes, and ran out the door. And on the way out he stopped and looked at her 14 year old daughter and said " I think your mom might need some help in there."....and  he ran his naked ass home.

        If you are wondering how the woman is doing, she is ok...she went through about 4 surgeries and i am positive she hasnt been the same ever since.....this story was a hundred percent true...lol...gotta love my dad.

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    May 24, 2017