bedtime for me

Everyone talks in there sleep from time to time. But I do it every night. A few years ago I was asleep at my dads. He was sitting in the chair and i was on the couch. According to him I raised up...looked at a glass of tea sitting on the coffee table and said "bitch you fuckin love me." Baffled, my dad said, "Boy what the hell did you just say?"...and i repeated it. 

        Well just last night I was asleep on the couch and my sister was awake watching tv. Typical Friday night. We watched a movie, played a few games on the 360, then I passed out. She said I hadnt been asleep but maybe 15 minutes when I very angrily said....."you stupid mother fucker, if you ever do that shit again I'll slap you in the face with my dick."........I love it!!...even in my fucking sleep I say off the wall shit.

         Well according to psychiatrists, I have a small problem. I forgot what they called it. But theres something wrong with me. I have rage built up, and since I'm generally a friendly person, I release it by saying things that most people wont say...I speak my mind, just in a different way...especially in my sleep. They said that in my sleep I become bolder. Im not scared to say anything. As crazy as the shit I say everyday is, I filter it...but when I'm asleep and dreaming, Im more open. And they say, judging by the things that Ive told them that I say, when I sleep, I get really horny...really, really horny. And since I cant remember the fucking name of the problem they said that I have....Im calling it...Restless Dick Syndrome..Dont fall asleep with will be angrilly fucked.

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  1. withwings

    RDS…I’ve heard of that

    February 24, 2012
  2. alexisclark

    Bed time for me has been always good and fragile due to the role of the love of the wife. Majority of the occasions of the rest at night and assignment help has been challenged and put in right direction for the success of the people for the future times.

    June 05, 2017