running away frome home.

I tried to run away from home once. My stepdad was hitting me and my sister was raping me with a cucumber......after she removed the dirty vegetable from my sphincter, I decided enough was enough. and I decided to runaway from home...start a new life. I had to get away. Life was just two hard..ive had to many vegetable shoved up my ass. so i waited til everyone went to sleep. I packed a toy, some peanut butter, and a rope in case i fell off of a cliff.

    I climbed out of my window. I started walking. All kinds of crazy shit was going through my head. Dark things. I could still feel that cucumber penetrating my small intestines....i was observing my was dark, heart was racing. I was scared....I had no idea what was to become of my life....I got to the edge of town and it hit me. cucumbers can be turned into pickles and I would gladly shove a pickle up my ass to give it some zest.

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  1. michaelbrake

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    July 26, 2017