what influenced me to write the song that made me well known in my hometown.

I come from a small town called Steele Missouri. Now in this town, everyone knows everyone. Everyone knew me as the guy who says crazy shit and plays a shit ton of instruments. Well I decided to combine them. and I knew I needed to write a song that will make all of my friends, and other people, interested in my music comedy. So I wrote a song about a girl that I knew and almost had sex with...the song is actually about why I didnt have sex with her. First Im gunna type the song for you guys..and remember it has been recorded and I own it..if you steal it, you will be sued..lol...anyway...here it is.

Loose Vagina Flapping In the Wind

                                                (verse)..Third date and I'm pickin you up. We're gunna ride around and possibly fuck.

                                                        And I cant wait to get inside that ass. Were driving down the road and let the top down,

                                                         the wind is blowin everywhere, and now youre takin off your underwear. All of a

                                                          sudden it smells like shit and I can hardly breathe, and now your pussy is slapping me

                                                        I didnt know that your shit was fucked up. I cant believe that I was gunna beat it up.

                                                        So now I'm thinkin about killing you.                                                                                         

                                                 (chorus)...Loose vagina flappin in the wind goin, voom lada dadada da da dadadadada.

                                                                  Loose vagina flappin in the wind, bitch dont ever call me again, cause theres no way

                                                                no how, that im fuckin you now.


                            Ok so the second verse is kinda irrelevant to the rest of the song...its abt an std called blue waffle..lol

        so Im not gunna type that part. And the song is much better when its played..ill see what i can do about letting you guys hear that.


So heres what influenced me to write this. I met a girl from outa town. Her name was Sarah. She was super cute and at first site, she was perfect. and we werent actually driving when i discovered that she was like silly putty down there...we were actually in my room...lol..i am not going to go in to detail...lets just say that the girl needed some fuckin stitches. lol...so this song is based on a true story. and the song actually has a really pretty melody to  it...keep in touch and youll eventually get to hear it.

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  1. withwings

    Oh boy. Why not just include her last name here? And I can promise you I won’t steal this.

    I actually love the ‘shit ton’ addition to how many instruments you play…..it provides so much clarity.

    February 16, 2012
  2. withwings

    By the way, tell me your youtube account name once more, I can’t seem to find it so I can watch those that I missed

    February 16, 2012
    1. teejay_778

      lol…yeah…anyway..its tony37992

      February 16, 2012